About us

AllChokedUp was established in January of 2016 by Samantha Lula. Ever since she began drawing and designing clothes at 10 years old, Samantha’s love for all things fashion has continued to grow. Partly due to her time spent living in New York City, Samantha has gained incomparable experiences and knowledge about the fashion industry, which she now applies and incorporates into her very own accessories company, AllChokedUp. 
AllChokedUp is a Chicago-based company that believes that each customer is unique. The company focuses on the idea that each customer should be able to display his or her individual style in whatever they wear. AllChokedUp strives to produce products that make a statement, subtly or strongly. Offering accessories that add an extra touch to an everyday look or emphasize the glamour of an extravagant one, AllChokedUp pieces are all about individuality. With a wide selection of chokers, no choker is quite the same and allows the customer to wear whatever they want, the way they want, while living the life they want.